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Purchased a motorhome January 2020. We live 1000 miles from the dealership. Talked to a young gentleman on the phone and was given all information I needed. Everyone who I talked to on the phone treated me like family. To save money on flights, I flew into Nashville,TN. Was telling the dealership that I would Uber to the dealership and they offered to pick my 8yr old son and myself up 1hr 30min away. Kept in contact until we arrived in Nashville and 5min later their was the same gentleman I had been dealing with from the beginning, pulling up in a brand new crewcab truck. In my opinion, they had my business right then and their. (Who goes this far out of their way to sell a motorhome?) We fealt 100% safe and comfortable thru this process. We arrive at the dealership and were shown the motorhome. That's when I met Terrell (I believe that was the RV guys name. Can't remember.) Terell was awesome from the minute we met. As a new rv owner, boy I had alot of questions. He took the time to explain and show me how to use this thing and all the other questions I had. The motorhome was winterized and I asked if they could set it up for use on the journey home. I showed up at 330pm and by the time we wrapped up the deal, had to been 530pm. I'm sure Terrel was supposed to be off by 5 and didn't start flushing the system out until 6pm. Most people would be snotty and irrated, not Terrel he cracked jokes and we had good conversation the whole time. Our next A++ experience, we flew in from 1000 miles away and had no supplies to sleep/eat, etc. I talked to the young gentleman inside and expkained my situation, he said, "this is a family dealership and you are now part of our family". He tossed me the keys to the dealerships (toad) vehicle and even better we followed him to the wal mart 20miles away. We stocked up on supplies and headed back to our new motorhome. (Which they had no problem letting us stay the night plugged in and head out in the morning).we had a couple of newbie questions in the morning and Terrel was their to reshow me again jow to operate things. My final word would be this. If you want to be treated like small town family with good clean cut honest people, definitely give T & S Motors a chance. Only complaint is this. After driving the (toad) car I tried to buy it the following morning. Unfortunately not all things are for sale. Was able to pick up our own (toad) car when we made it home. Thanks for treating my son and I like family. We fealt comfortable the entire time. 

-Thomas H., Plattsmouth, NE

I had an excellent eperience with T&S Motors. I recently bought a Mustang convertible. The price was very fairand they're honorable folks." 

-Robert M., Huntsville, AL

"I would highly recommend this dealer. The vehicle was up to the stated expectations and the transition was smooth. The amount for my trade in was better than I expected. The other vehicles on the lot were top of the line and clean as well. If you are looking for a vehicle and they don't have it, they can find it. Very satisfied customer!"

-Allen J., Memphis, TN

"No Haggle Pricing but they were very fair with my trade-in. Good quality vehicles on the lot.  Eric was very welcoming and helpful. Definitely would buy here again!"

-Joey P., Huntsville, AL

"Quick response time, quality vehicles, was just as described. Vehicles were clean and ready for pickup when we purchased with friendly service, not to mention Great Prices!!!"

-Penny S., Ardmore, TN

"They were very friendly and helpful and did not pressure us. They seemed to be very honest about what they knew about the truck, and when I found a few issues, they were eager to fix them."

-Jared N., Birmingham, AL

"Excellent exprience buying my Jeep!! Eric was great to work with!!"

-Jason A., Madison, AL

"Dealt with Teddy, he worked out all of the long distance details which made this a fast and easy transaction."

-James A., Nashville, TN

"Was very helpful and went out of the way to meet us after hours to be able to look at and purchase the truck. Very clean and quick responses to any questions I had. And the truck is a beauty, very impressed and would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a vehicle." 

-Jason W., Killen, AL

"If you are ready to buy they are ready to sell. Price on the vehicle is the price you pay (No Haggle). Eric and Greg were great handling the sale. By far easiest truck purchase I've ever made. After the purchase there were a few loose ends and they took care of everything. If you don't want the run around from the "Big Dealership", take a drive to Ardmore, TN. Good folks selling cars and trucks. "

-Billy R., Athens, AL

T & S Motors

26653 Main St
Ardmore, TN 38449